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mary is hairy

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how to make a mary! (not that you would want to) [25 Aug 2002|07:56pm]

[ mood | amused ]

*1/2 cup of tard
*4 ton cups of hairyness
*3 spoonfuls of bitchness
*18 rolls
*negitive 800 razors
*5 1/2 cups ugliness
*10 liters BO
*and a pinch of salt.. just so it turns out right.

Thats me n Elizabeths recipe for a mary! ENJOY IT!......n you can make one if you want...be sure to have a lot close-pins! WOWSERS!

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OH THE AMOOSEMENT! [14 Aug 2002|10:42pm]

[ mood | amused ]

into a silence: hi?
XNirvanaPunkX: AR!
into a silence: ..G
XNirvanaPunkX: hahaa
into a silence: HAHA.. i like barbies too damnit!
XNirvanaPunkX: oh i'll put you love them..........
into a silence: no.. i love my nsuck doll
XNirvanaPunkX: wait!! you like to take pictures of your power rangers!! hahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahaha
into a silence: HAH.. i bought one at kbtoys when i went with liz!
into a silence: he DANCES.. 'cause its from when they did that stupid.. bye bye bye thing.. or whateverthefuck.
into a silence: it was two $!
into a silence: .. and 8 cents.
into a silence: 'cause justin is a secksay bitch with aweshome hair.
into a silence: .. yeah.. i went around the mall making him dance.
into a silence: he's a puppet/barbie doll thing.
into a silence: AND HE'S ON MY NIGHT STAND!.. to give me nightmares every night and remind me why i hate them so much.
into a silence: sorta like mary.
XNirvanaPunkX: HAHHAH
into a silence: i don't even have to see mary to be frightened of her.. just saying "mary".. that on its own just makes me want to poke myself in the eye.
XNirvanaPunkX: i hope you have no doll of mary on your night stand though.
into a silence: no no.. i don't.
into a silence: thank god!
into a silence: or.. bob
into a silence: HAH.. a mary doll! WE SHOULD MANUFACTURE THEM!
XNirvanaPunkX: YES!
XNirvanaPunkX: we could make billions! ..........trillions!
XNirvanaPunkX: hahhahhhh
into a silence: and there could be like.. sets. just like barbie!.. she'd be called "mary!".. hah. how great is that?
into a silence: there could be "razor fun mary!" and "wax those brows mary!" andandand..
into a silence: "'bo for your do' and other fun songs mary!"
XNirvanaPunkX: omfg!!
XNirvanaPunkX: thats it!
XNirvanaPunkX: we are gonna be successful after all!
into a silence: YES!
into a silence: i'm greatly amused now
XNirvanaPunkX: so am i......i spit out my chicken when you mentioned the different types of mary dolls.
XNirvanaPunkX: :-D
into a silence: haha!

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Whoah- [11 Jul 2002|12:40am]

[ mood | amused ]

WOW! i finally joined- it tooke me long enuff- i was the one who helped Elizabeth with the idea- gave the username- put my 2 sense into it- and i just now joined...Shiyat- Enuff complaining- im here to rant and rave about mary!! THAT BITCH NUGGET!!...well what can i say- shes hairy- and can do tricks with her eyebrows- excuse me.....eyeBROW...yes um....and brookes dad's really black.

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Hahaha [11 Jul 2002|12:06am]

[ mood | amused ]

SexYerPistols: but BROOKE...ur black as night bitch

I'd also like to bring to the attention of this community that Mary is a paste bucket.... and that my real dad is black. Hahahaha.

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wahoo... [10 Jul 2002|03:50pm]

[ mood | calm ]

i get to insult mary? yae! that's always fun. i think i'll just keep it simple and true. shes a bitch who needs to learn to use tweezers!! dur.. who has the web cam to take that wonderful pic of mary? oh, my mistake, thats not her. its something that looks better!

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[06 Jul 2002|01:13am]

[ mood | aggravated ]

why no one has joined!? i durno, but spork-e here will geeet you.

mary thought of the day: i was looking at this plant in the richmond mall. and i realized it resembled mary.. the scary part is, it actually does look like mary. i was frightened! eep!

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