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into a silence: hi?
XNirvanaPunkX: AR!
into a silence: ..G
XNirvanaPunkX: hahaa
into a silence: HAHA.. i like barbies too damnit!
XNirvanaPunkX: oh i'll put you love them..........
into a silence: no.. i love my nsuck doll
XNirvanaPunkX: wait!! you like to take pictures of your power rangers!! hahahhahahhahahahahhahhahahahahhahaha
into a silence: HAH.. i bought one at kbtoys when i went with liz!
into a silence: he DANCES.. 'cause its from when they did that stupid.. bye bye bye thing.. or whateverthefuck.
into a silence: it was two $!
into a silence: .. and 8 cents.
into a silence: 'cause justin is a secksay bitch with aweshome hair.
into a silence: .. yeah.. i went around the mall making him dance.
into a silence: he's a puppet/barbie doll thing.
into a silence: AND HE'S ON MY NIGHT STAND!.. to give me nightmares every night and remind me why i hate them so much.
into a silence: sorta like mary.
XNirvanaPunkX: HAHHAH
into a silence: i don't even have to see mary to be frightened of her.. just saying "mary".. that on its own just makes me want to poke myself in the eye.
XNirvanaPunkX: i hope you have no doll of mary on your night stand though.
into a silence: no no.. i don't.
into a silence: thank god!
into a silence: or.. bob
into a silence: HAH.. a mary doll! WE SHOULD MANUFACTURE THEM!
XNirvanaPunkX: YES!
XNirvanaPunkX: we could make billions! ..........trillions!
XNirvanaPunkX: hahhahhhh
into a silence: and there could be like.. sets. just like barbie!.. she'd be called "mary!".. hah. how great is that?
into a silence: there could be "razor fun mary!" and "wax those brows mary!" andandand..
into a silence: "'bo for your do' and other fun songs mary!"
XNirvanaPunkX: omfg!!
XNirvanaPunkX: thats it!
XNirvanaPunkX: we are gonna be successful after all!
into a silence: YES!
into a silence: i'm greatly amused now
XNirvanaPunkX: so am i......i spit out my chicken when you mentioned the different types of mary dolls.
XNirvanaPunkX: :-D
into a silence: haha!
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